Wool Blend Wrap Coat HALOGEN®- Review

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I am searching for a new coat. I am looking for something I can wear when I have to be a little more dressed up or for work. Since I am in the car most days, I would like it to be very comfortable. I am always drawn to classic black wool coats, but the only problem is that I have a dog and blonde hair. There’s not a lint roller in the world that can keep my black wool coats looking clean.

So I decided to try different color wool. I found one at Nordstrom that I really like. It was a Halogen coat in a color called pebble. It is sort of the color of cement. It is a taupe/gray color, which I really love. The color would be perfect with any outfit. It has a huge wrap collar that really dresses it up. It also has a belt, which I like. When I first put it on I was so excited! I thought for sure this would be my coat. It was soft and comfortable and the fit was perfect. Then I went to grab my purse and throw it over my shoulder. I couldn’t lift my arms. If I carried a small satchel it would be great, but I have a backpack purse for every day and a large tote for work. For a minute I considered buying a satchel purse to wear with the coat, but if I buy another purse anytime soon, my husband is going to go crazy.

Long story short – this Halogen coat is beautiful, but not quite right for me.

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