School lunches

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I hate packing school lunches. With working full-time, and now traveling for work, I have found it very difficult to feel prepared and organized for the week. One small habit I have forced myself into is prepping my daughters’ lunches for the week. I hate taking the time out of a Sunday afternoon to do it, but it saves me so much time and frustration during the week. Instead of cutting and cleaning fruit and vegetables multiple times during the week, I make the mess once, not every day.  I have my daughter help me to prep to save me time. I use little reusable containers for as much as possible and then use plastic baggies (I know, I know – it’s terrible for the environment. I’m adding to my reusable container collection.) for the rest. Everything is ready to go for the week, so on days when I am not home, Gianna can just grab what she wants and she is ready to go.


My daughter is a very picky eater, so I can’t do the usual sandwich, chips, and apple that many moms give their kids each day. I have actually begged Gianna to buy lunch at school, but she says it’s disgusting and the meat is fake, so that’s not happening. Since I only have one child, I make her choose what she wants to eat for the week, just so I don’t end up with a bunch of wasted food. Sometimes it’s chili or tacos, some weeks hummus and pita chips with fruit and veggies. This week, Gianna decided on salami and crackers, veggies with ranch dressing and fruit. As long as it’s somewhat healthy and fresh, I am happy.

I have some Sistema containers that I really like for lunch boxes. I use these little Sistema dressing containers for the ranch dressing, and they are awesome.

Sistema To Go Collection 1.18 oz. Salad Dressing Containers, Pink/Green/Blue/Purple, 4 Pack | BPA Free, Reusable

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