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Don’t Blink

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Don’t Blink!” the secretary at work cautioned me. “That baby stage will be over before you know it! You think you’re tired now….wait until your baby starts driving and you lie awake all night worrying about him! I remember being stressed out about how my …

Embracing Hygge

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There is a “wind event” currently in the Chicago area. The wind blows everything in your face, as a harsh reminder that it’s winter now, and for you to stay inside. The sky is grey, as is characteristic for this time of year. Gloom is …

Fashion Collection

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The Chico’s catalog (for “mature” women) came in the mail the day I had my first mammogram (“a birthday gift to yourself!” the 24-year-old nurse chirped at me), which coincidentally was on my 40th birthday. As I paged through it, my boobs still smarting from …