Lose It!

In Health & Fitness by Abby

I have found that the best way for me to stay on track with my diet is to use a food logging app. I really don’t like doing it. It is a bit time consuming and annoying to have to measure everything out then enter it into an app. When I’m hungry, I just want to eat – ugh! But I’ve found that the times I have lost the most weight have been when I track. So, here I am, using the Loseit App.

In my opinion, LoseIt is the best one out there. It is super simple to use, has a huge database of food and restaurant foods, and it’s FREE! I know this may sound silly, but the app is also visually appealing. Everything is just laid out really well.

To start, you will need to set up an account. During setup, you will answer questions about your body, overall health, and your lifestyle. This allows LoseIt to customize a plan for you and give you your daily calorie goal. Then, all you need to do is track everything you eat throughout the day. The app will also give you a projected goal weight day.

Of course, there is a paid version, but for me, it’s not necessary. This version allows you to track water intake and carbohydrates, among other things. For some people these may be nice features, but not for me. I used to think paying for health programs would help keep me on track. Like, I paid for it, I better use it! But, nope. I am just as likely to screw up a diet plan when I am paying for it as when it’s free, so I’ll go for free.

Do I think the LoseIt app is the secret to weight loss and healthy eating success? No way. But I do think it’s a great tool and a good way, to be honest with myself about what I’m really eating. If I add everything in, the app does not lie. If I choose to go over my calories on any given day, that’s my choice, but at least I can make an educated choice.

Here is a comparison of the two plans that they offer below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Image Credits: https://www.loseit.com under a license.