Easy Dinner – Trader Joe’s Mandarin Chicken

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quick and easy dinner
Mandarin chicken dinner

There’s a meme circulating that says, “Who knew the most taxing thing about being an adult is
trying to figure out what to have for dinner every damn night until you die” and I could not possibly relate more. I have a full-time job, three kids who all have sports practices or games most nights. Planning and making dinner is a daily stressor. I’ll share one of my go-to meals that is quick, fairly healthy, and one that the kids never complain about. You’ll feel good about not going through the drive-thru, and from start to finish, it only takes twenty minutes. If you want a quick meal that you don’t have to prep for ahead of time, and have a Trader Joe’s nearby, here’s what you do.

Buy two packages of Trader Joe’s Mandarin Chicken. Buy some rice. Buy some steamable vegetables. Throw the frozen Mandarin Chicken into a pan with some olive oil. Throw the bag of steamable vegetables in the microwave for five minutes. While all of this is cooking, make the rice. Throw everything on a plate and call it dinner, which it is. You even have a vegetable in there. This serves five people with a leftover lunch for you the next day. Done. Dinner is a win.

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