Day 5/365

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Weekend Recap and Resolution Check-in:

This weekend flew by! Gianna’s gymnastics team had their holiday Secret Santa party on Saturday and then Tino and I took G to go see Frozen 2, which was so cute btw. I am trying to squeeze in some last minute winter break fun before school starts back up Monday. Today G and I went sledding on the hill behind our house and had a snowball fight. I love that she still wants to do these things with me. I wonder how much longer she will still want me to play with her. I am soaking up every opportunity I have left.

I did okay with my resolutions over the weekend. I did snooze my alarm both Saturday and Sunday, but I worked out both days and tracked all my eating, including the extra buttery popcorn and Red Vines at the movie theater – Yum!

On to the first full week of 2020 – Bring it!


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